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The transformation from being a beautician to

a skincare professional

Once the applicant becomes a part of Cheryl’s institute, they are trained about the various courses about the basics of skin, analysis of four skin types and two conditions, complete knowledge of all facials, bleach and how to use our home care products according to skin types and condition. After this, you will able to do facials on all skin types with confidence.


The journey from being a beautician to a skincare professional

At Cheryl’s Institute of advanced skin treatment, our trainees go from being beauticians to skincare professionals. We train them to be thorough in identifying skin types and then consult clients on how to treat their skin issues.





Introduction to Cheryl’s

The history, purpose, mission and vision is narrated to the budding skincare experts.

Duration : 1 day

₹ 999.99


Level 1 – Skin excellence seminar

A seminar on identifying different kinds of skin types is conducted for skincare professionals.

Duration : 1 day

₹ 999.99


level 2- Skin Specialist Seminar

A seminar is conducted to identify various skin conditions and how to treat them.

Duration : 1 day

₹ 999.99

Interested In A Course

If you would like to take your career to the next level and want to transform from being just a beautician to a skincare professional then drop us a line here

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