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mission & vision

Our identity is an expression of two hands in a result oriented relationship. The hand supporting from below is symbolic of Cheryl’s. It cross fertilizes, pushes and encourages the hand of the professional to learn, earn and transform lives.

Mission & Vision


Our brand mission is to create skincare cosmeceuticals specific to Indian skin type.It is to provide Indians with skincare solutions that are sustainable and that which solve all their skin concerns through our expert led salon treatments and our homecare products.


Our vision is to reach skin care professionals to transform them into skincare experts so that through them our products can reach a wider audience and satisfy their skin concerns by using effective treatments that show instant results.

Brand Values


Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals pioneered training of skincare professionals for more than 30 years and is "THE EXPERT, EXPERTS LOOK UP TO".


We partner with skin care professionals across India to create a wealth of knowledge and success stories by educating and transforming skincare professionals and their businesses.


Cheryl's delivers on its promise of providing visible and lasting results to the consumer thereby, bringing them back to the salon.