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Skin Care Education Program


Why Choose Cheryl’s

We transform skincare professionals into skincare experts by training them about the various skin types and conditions and how to treat them once they identify the root of the problem.

Our institute has some of the best skincare experts that trains more than 30000+ skincare professionals every year. We transform lives by treating all skin conditions with care. We teach our skincare professionals how to use science- backed innovative treatments to treat skin concerns right from the root of its problem. Our premium services are offered at select salons across the country.

skin expert

Grow a beautician into a skin expert

Gain expertise

Gain expertise in skin type / conditions

Become an expert

Become an expert for your client

Discover Our Education Program

To grow skincare business and for a better customer experience become an expert in skincare services to transform the professionals' business with high growth.

Introduction to Cheryl’s

Introduction to Cheryl’s

The history, purpose, mission and vision is narrated to the budding skincare experts.

Skin excellence seminar

Level 1 – Skin excellence seminar

A seminar on identifying different kinds of skin types is conducted for skincare professionals.

Skin Specialist Seminar

Level 2- Skin Specialist Seminar

A seminar is conducted to identify various skin conditions and how to treat them.

We have over 37 training centres across India where we transform skincare professionals into skin experts. This is to grow the business of the beauticians backed by Cheryl’s. All our skin treatments are focussed on improving the given skin conditions and are created for the Indian skin type.