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Radiant Skin Treatments

Are you tired of your skin being dull at all times? This is happening because of large amounts of dead skin cells on your epidermis. Dead skin cells form on your skin due to lack of regular exfoliation of dirt, oil and bacteria when they get accumulated on the surface layer of your facial skin. What you need is radiant instant skin brightener.
The skin brightening treatment will clear your pores of all dirt and grease leaving just about the right amount of oil secretion in your face glands that will result in radiant skin.

Cheryl’s Approach

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The Causes


Alcohol and smoking

The skin loses its elasticity and texture if you consume alcohol and smoke regularly. These substances dehydrate the body and deprive the skin of the required nutirents. Alcohol consumption and smoking cause hormonal imbalance that causes the skin to lose its radiance.


Poor diet

If your diet doesn’t consist of wholesome foods like vegetables and fruits then your skin loses its natural vitality and that causes dull skin. It’s also important to have food on time. If you don’t do that then your body fails to function normally which causes dull skin. Junk foods are known to give skin grief by accumulating grease in the epidermis.

Skin scan -An advanced way to treat your skin

Skin Scan

Services Offered


O2C2 Radiant Skin Treatment

This skin brightening treatment uses oxygen to exfoliate epidermal dead skin to reveal fresh, glowing and radiant skin. It also releases a burst of fresh oxygen onto the surface of the skin to detoxify and refresh dull, tired skin. This skin brightener energizes it, combats premature ageing and clears impurities.


Shea Butter

Acts as a soothing agent on your skin giving you a vibrant appearance


Oxyblast-Anti aging Facial

Based on the latest technology, this oxygen facial delivers oxygen deep into the skin where the skin health, elasticity and firmness begin, leading to increased luminosity and radiant skin. The skin facial visibly fills up the lines and wrinkles and stimulates cell regeneration.


Arbutin from Bearberry

It has skin lightening effects on the skin


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