Oily skin

Clari Moist-Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Cheryl’s Clari Moist Moisturizer for the face is a unique sebum-regulating moisturizer for oily and combination skin that minimizes the appearance of shine and gives a matte finish to the complexion. It’s a moisturizer for oily skin that nourishes it with moisture and does not strip it of its vital nutrients.



Controls oil secretion

ClariMoist is a moisturizer for combination skin and oily skin to control the excessive oil secretion in your complexion.


Minimizes shine

The moisturizer for oily skin works deeply in your skin and minimizes the extra shine on your face giving your complexion a matte finish.


Improves complexion

Regular use of Clarimoist Moisturizer controls extra oil secreted from your skin and improves your complexion four-fold giving you the complexion you desire.

Active Ingredients


Argan Oil

It’s a natural moisturizer to the skin. Its non-greasy and non-irritating. Its high in vitamin E and fatty acid content that makes it a natural skin booster.


Cinnamon Bark extract

It dries out pimples and plumps the skin to bring oxygen and blood to the surface removing excess oil from the skin


Tea tree oil

It reduces the sebum production by the skin and helps fight acne breakouts

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Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-ageing benefits to the skin.


The oil is rich in antioxidants, hence it is easily absorbed into the skin, nourishing it from deep inside promoting skin softness

Ginger root extract

It contains around 40 anti-oxidants that help in preventing radical damage and ageing of the skin. It evens skin tone and promotes elasticity.

Indulge Yourself In A Healthy Habit


Clariwash Facewash

Cleanse your face once a day for three minutes and fight regular skin problems with ease.



Moisturize your face after cleansing it to procure an even-toned complexion.


DermaShade SPF 50

Apply a fine layer in the morning after cleansing & moisturising.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I use clariMoist as opposed to my regular moisturizer?

    ClariMoist is made using 100% natural ingredients that have the qualities to improve oily skin texture. Go to our ingredient list and check out why it’s a better option for your skin.

  2. How often should I use this product?

    Use it twice a day to control oil secretion in your facial skin.

  3. Where can I buy this product?

    You can buy this product at the nearest Cheryl’s serviced store.

  4. How long does it take to show results?

    It gives you instant results leaving you satisfied with the product.

  5. The shine on my face due to oily skin gives a natural glow to my face, will that be gone forever with the use of clariMoist?

    It will reduce the oil production in your skin but you won’t lose your natural glow as the moisturizer balances the oil secretion locking the natural oil to keep moisturizing the skin.