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Skin Care Expert Faqs

  1. Will I be able to suggest the course of treatment for all skin type?

    Yes! Cheryl’s Education focuses intensively on treating skin only after a thorough client consultation. This gives the student a very good idea of what treatment to suggest for the clients concern.

  2. Will I be able to know the various skin type, like what is oily, dry, combination?

    yes! I will be able to know all skin type. In addition, I will also be able to analyze skin as per its skin type.

  3. Would I be able to suggest the solution for skin care related concerns like, pigmentation, acne, ageing etc…?

    Yes! You will be able to suggest the appropriate solution

  4. Will I be able to discern sensitive skin?

    Yes! Sensitive skin is reactive skin and Cheryl’s Education will teach you how to recognize and analyze if client skin is sensitive.

  5. Would I be designated as beautician, therapist, esthetician, etc… ?

    Cheryl’s Education focuses on skin care and its concerns. However, the student will also need to be equipped with additional skills such as communication and have the required personality.

  6. Do you teach ‘machines’ in facial skin services?

    yes! We teach all necessary machines required for salon skin services like, High Frequency, Galvanic, Ultra sound, sonic peeler, woods lamp and hydrometer.

  7. Would I be able to suggest ‘professional skin care advice?

    After completion of education course and successful completion of the necessary test, students who complete Cheryl’s education would be able to recommend proper ‘professional skin care’ advice’

  8. What qualification is required to for Cheryl’s Education?

    ideally SSC, HSC standard and above. In addition, those who possess basic technical skills, Beauty therapist, beautician or esthetician…

  9. Would I be able to understand the importance of the beauty industry?

    Absolutely! Cheryl’s teaches that beauty is the most important and the fastest growing industry that gives employment to millions, especially women and empowers them to progress in society through proper training and exquisite customer service.

  10. What is the relationship between Education and Business Growth?

    Cheryl’s Education, is directly related to Business growth. Student who complete Cheryl’s education would be able to enhance salon business by retention of client and enhancing the value that the clients bring to the salon thru their services.

  11. What effect does beauty education have in the work place?

    Beauty Education seeks to enhance one’s value within and in society. Good self-value leads to positive thinking and strong teamwork that leads to better relationship in the work place.

  12. How can I be assured that I will accepted as a skin care professional in the beauty industry?

    After the completion of Cheryl’s education course and successful completion of test, you will be certified as a ‘Skin Care Professional’.

  13. Does Cheryl’s education give any knowledge on starting my own beauty parlor/salon?

    Well Cheryl’s does not give any specific business training; we do empower our students with the required technical skill set to start a salon or beauty parlor.

  14. Will I be able to develop profitable business relationship with clients for business prosperity?

    Business prosperity is solely dependent on client relationships through proper client consultation and successful resolution of their concerns and in this regard Cheryl’s education plays a bug role in business prosperity.

  15. Would I know how to advice clients on the maintenance of their skin after a service?

    Definitely! You will be able to advice on the maintenance for all skin type and condition after the professional service.

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