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Advanced Facials

Advanced facials support skin integrity by working on skin problems from their roots dealing with skin flaws with therapy inscribed with targeted ingredients that treat the skin problem with precision.
Our advanced facial category addresses skin concerns of oily skin, sensitive skin and skin ageing. With the right amount of nurturing the skin, our advanced facials treat skin concerns with technical knowledge supported with the right tools and ingredients that treat skin problems with utmost care giving you instant results.


Services Offered


Oily skin

ClariGlow Facial For Oily Skin

This oily skin treatment helps control acne. It controls excessive sebum secretion, removing epidermal dead skin.The facial for oily skin permeates oxygen in the skin cells so the skin can combat acne- causing bacteria. This oily skin treatment also lightens the skin.


Cucumber Extract

Leaves you with smooth clear skin


Sensitive Skin Care

SensiGlow Facial For Sensitive Skin

Cheryl’s Sensi Glow facial is specially formulated to calm and soothe sensitive skin. This facial for sensitive skin has active herbal ingredients which eliminate dead skin cells to uncover lighter, glowing skin. (No changes)



Reduces skin irritation



VITALIFT - Cheryl's Skin Tightening Facial Kit

The Cheryl's VitaLift Facial Kit is a unique and effective skincare solution. This remarkable VitaLift facial incorporates isometric therapy to achieve facelifting benefits. By tightening the skin's muscles, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin visibly firmer.

In addition, this innovative Vitalift facial kit enhances skin metabolism and stimulates blood circulation. It promotes skin regeneration and repair, while also boosting collagen synthesis. As an anti-aging facial treatment, Cheryl's VitaLift facial kit helps retain moisture in the upper skin layers and enhances cell bonding, ensuring a more youthful and revitalized complexion.


Trehelose from Desert plants

Reduces visible signs of ageing

Our advanced facials are carefully and delicately treated at Cheryl’s serviced salons. All our facials under the advanced range help treat the skin in the nature it concerns giving visible results. You can pamper yourself and be least worried when our skincare experts are taking care of you. All our facial treatments play the dual role of skin lightening facials as well.

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