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Essential Facials

Facials are a way of taking 360 degree care of your skin. Facial for face and glowing skin is a must-do in your skincare routine. They complete the journey of your skincare and without it your skin is a half-baked result. Skin Facials increase the blood circulation in your face. This translates to healthier, more glowing face.
Our different types of facials are equivalent to face spas but only more advanced as they cure the skin concerns from the roots. Our research backed professional facials bulls eye certain touch points on the face that relax the facial muscles and then treat three skin concerns of skin darkening, dehydration and tan removal that give instant results.


Services Offered



GloVite Skin Lightening Facial

This skin lightening treatment makes the skin lighter and radiant by eliminating dead skin cells. The other actives in this fairness treatment reduce existing melanin to give you a lighter skin tone.


Cucumber Extract

Has moisturizing properties that can relieve you of puffy skin



Oxyblast-Anti aging Facial

Based on the latest technology, this oxygen facial delivers oxygen deep into the skin where the skin health, elasticity and firmness begin, leading to increased luminosity and radiant skin. The skin facial visibly fills up the lines and wrinkles and stimulates cell regeneration.


Arbutin from Bearberry

It has skin lightening effects on the skin



Tan Clear Detan Facial

This anti pigmentation treatment instantly results in lighter, cleaner and even toned skin. You should detan immediately if you’ve been exposed to the sun otherwise there’s a risk of suffering from pigmentation.


Cucumber Extract

Has moisturizing properties that can relieve you of puffy skin

Our oxygen facial and detan facial make sure to deliver stellar results. You can experience skin defining facials for face at any Cheryl’s serviced salons where utmost care will be taken to give your skin the nourishment it requires to remain nourished, glowing and healthy.

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