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Footcare Treatments

Cracked heels look so embarrassing! Cracked feet happen when your feet become dry and lack the essential moisture to keep them soft and smooth. It may cause discomfort when going barefoot. In some cases, cracked heels can become very deep and can cause pain.
This HeelPeel cracked heels treatment exfoliates dead skin from the foot and nourishes it so that new soft and supple skin can grow on your heels giving you even skin.

Cheryl’s Approach

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The Causes


Poor Hygiene

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is charged with removing toxins via the pores. It’s a tough job! Help your skin and reduce the likelihood of cracked heels by keeping skin clean, dry and moisturised.


The Wrong Footwear

Many times, cracked heels are the result of walking in the wrong type of footwear or wearing a pair of shoes that are too small or improperly fitted. Sandals and other exposing shoes can also cause parts of the foot to slip off balance further increasing the risk of cracked heels.

Skin scan -An advanced way to treat your skin

Skin Scan

Services Offered


Heel Peel Pedicure - Treatment that repairs cracked heels instantly

This revolutionary cracked heel treatment effectively repairs painful calluses and cracks to give you soft and pampered feet in flat 20 minutes!


Kokum Butter

Prevents drying of the skin and regenerates dead skin cells


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