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Skin Treatments

All skin treatments at Cheryl’s cosmeceuticals are backed with scientific research. Our skincare experts are equipped with one of the best technologies to provide you with the skin treatments that’s suited for your skin condition and skin type. The skin care professionals at Cheryl’s use diagnostic tools that help the experts to recommend the right products and services for your skin.


Services Offered



Dermalite Skin Lightening Treatment

Cheryl’s DermaLite skin lightening Treatment exfoliates by peeling off dead skin. The skin lightening treatment prevents melanin production in the skin. It gives instant fairness, lightens skin and prevents further melanin synthesis. The fairness treatment also hydrates the skin making it soft, smooth and supple enhancing its barrier function.


Chamomile oil

Boosts the appearance of healthy looking skin.



Heel Peel Pedicure - Treatment that repairs cracked heels instantly

This revolutionary cracked heel treatment effectively repairs painful calluses and cracks to give you soft and pampered feet in flat 20 minutes!


Kokum Butter

Prevents drying of the skin and regenerates dead skin cells



O2C2 Radiant Skin Treatment

This skin brightening treatment uses oxygen to exfoliate epidermal dead skin to reveal fresh, glowing and radiant skin. It also releases a burst of fresh oxygen onto the surface of the skin to detoxify and refresh dull, tired skin. This skin brightener energizes it, combats premature ageing and clears impurities.


Shea Butter

Acts as a soothing agent on your skin giving you a vibrant appearance


Sensitive skin care

SensiNzyme Acne Treatment-for Sensitive Skin

A miracle worker, this hyperpigmentation treatment and pigmentation treatment works its magic on your skin the moment you begin your treatment for sensitive skin. It works on the outer layers of your skin removing dead skin and patchy pigmentation leaving you with a radiant glow.



Helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating your skin.



SensiAcne Pimple Treatment-for Sensitive Skin

Cheryl's SensiAcne is an acne treatment which eliminates bacteria. Its formula dilates blood vessels and effectively treats acne


Willow bark

It helps to exfoliate your skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, making way for fresh, bright and radiant skin.


Oily Skin

ClariNzyme Oily Skin Treatment

This is an oily skin treatment to substantially reduce open pores by inhibiting enzyme activity that causes excess sebum secretion giving skin a matte appearance.


Lemon Extract

It clears excessive sebum



Hydramoist Facial-for Dry Skin

This unique treatment for dry skin restores the lost moisture in your epidermis resulting in soft and supple skin. The treatment for dry skin controls trans-epidermal moisture loss, while at the same time imparting a considerable lightening effect with enhanced radiance and glow.


Kokum Butter

Prevents drying of the skin and regenerates dead skin cells

Our skin treatment doesn’t just stop at treating the problem at hand but we also recommend a rigorous skincare routine after the treatment so that your skin problems are not persistent. These skin treatments treat acne, oily skin, signs of ageing, pigmentation, dark circles and a variety of other skin problems that you might face given the dynamic environmental conditions and hormonal imbalance.

The ingredients we use for the skin treatments are 100% natural, founded after advanced evaluation by our dermatologists who advise our skincare professionals to use certain contents specific only to the problem at hand. Each of our services is backed with years of research of the ingredients that go into treating skin care concerns. We have remedies for all your skincare troubles. Our skin treatments are created keeping the India skin type in mind.

All our skin treatments are scientifically researched methods of treating human skin delicately and with utmost care. We ensure a customer safety first approach to our treatments. All our skin treatments are performed at selective salons across India.

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