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Oily Skin Treatments

Does your skin become oily minutes after washing or cleansing your face? Do you suffer from acne too often? Are you tired of the shininess that your skin gives out? These are all signs that you need oily skin treatment ASAP!

Because of these causes of having an oily skin, the skin glands produce more sebum than required. This leaves the texture of your skin heavy and greasy causing various skin problems you experience like blackheads, whiteheads, acne and other skin related problems every too often that speeds your ageing process

Cheryl’s Approach

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The Causes



If your mom or dad have oily skin, it’s likely you will have inherited the trait. Oily skin can be passed on through your genes, as having larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil is a hereditary attribute that can be handed down the family tree.



Humidity and hot weather tend to stimulate the secretion of sebum, leading to more oil on the skin. Conversely, in arid or cold climates, skin can dry out, causing oil glands to go into overdrive to compensate.

Skin scan -An advanced way to treat your skin

Skin Scan

Services Offered


Oily skin

ClariGlow Facial For Oily Skin

This oily skin treatment helps control acne. It controls excessive sebum secretion, removing epidermal dead skin.The facial for oily skin permeates oxygen in the skin cells so the skin can combat acne- causing bacteria. This oily skin treatment also lightens the skin.


Cucumber Extract

Leaves you with smooth clear skin

Oily Skin

ClariNzyme Oily Skin Treatment

This is an oily skin treatment to substantially reduce open pores by inhibiting enzyme activity that causes excess sebum secretion giving skin a matte appearance.


Lemon Extract

It clears excessive sebum


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