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Homecare category

  1. How much of a help are Cheryl’s homecare products for my skin’s welfare?

    Our Homecare products are best suited to use after a skin diagnosis at any Cheryl’s serviced salon. Post which our salon treatments would cure your skin damage and then our skincare experts recommend specific Homecare products to enhance the treatment.

  2. Are the Homecare products skin types specific? Is it safe to use them on my skin?

    Our homecare products are created after a masterful analysis of general skin types by our dermatologists. Although some of our products are skin type specific, but our skincare experts will always diagnose your skin type first and then recommend types of products that will suit your skin type and cure your skin damages.

Homecare Concern

  1. Where can I buy these products?

    You can buy this product at the nearest Cheryl’s serviced store. Please visit the store locator page on the site and locate a store nearest to you.

  2. How long does it take to show results?

    It gives you instant results leaving you satisfied with the product.

Salon Category

  1. What should be my daily skincare ritual to keep my skin in the best possible condition always?

    Cleanse - Tone –Peel –Neutralize – Massage - Mask This is the biggest secret to healthy skin we unveil to you to get that spotless glow every day. For guidance on how to perform these rituals please get in touch with our skincare experts so they can guide you in accordance to your skin type.

  2. What ingredients have you used to create these products?

    Our products have natural ingredients and are not only safe to use but favorable to the skin in the long run as they come with no side-effects.

Salon Concern

  1. How qualified are your skincare experts who would be appointed to treat my skin concerns?

    We offer special training courses to our skincare professionals who then become experts through continuous guidance from dermatologists and through practice.

  2. All I want is for my skin to glow and be healthy. No matter the concerns I have, over and above of curing those, do your services and products guarantee such a result?

    Yes. We at Cheryl’s not only diagnose your skin concern and cure it with our dermatologically tested products, we also make sure that your treatment has a lasting effect by the homecare products we recommend you post the treatment to achieve a glowing and healthy skin.