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Sensitive Skin Care

It’s quite unfortunate to have sensitive skin because of its barrier to protect you from the harsh effects of the environment. The fertility of sensitive skin is not strong so it reacts to even the slightest of agitation hormonally or from the external environment. Sensitive skincare is extremely essential for such a skin type.
The treatment for sensitive skin will work its magic through the sensitivity of your skin. It will cure your skin problems may it be with dryness, dullness or dehydration by making sure to treat it with utmost care while treating your skin so you get the desired results even though you have sensitive skin.

Cheryl’s Approach

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The Causes


Environmental damage

The harmful external environmental factors cause this skin type to suffer from free radicals, bacteria and grease that get accumulated in the pores. These react with the skin and then sensitive skin gets irritated that breaks out into acne or rashes or even worse dark skin patches all over the body.



This skin type is what is hereditary. If your parents or your forefathers have had sensitive skin, chances are your skin is delicate because of that.

Skin scan -An advanced way to treat your skin

Skin Scan

Services Offered


Sensitive Skin Care

SensiGlow Facial For Sensitive Skin

Cheryl’s Sensi Glow facial is specially formulated to calm and soothe sensitive skin. This facial for sensitive skin has active herbal ingredients which eliminate dead skin cells to uncover lighter, glowing skin. (No changes)



Reduces skin irritation

Sensitive skin care

SensiNzyme Acne Treatment-for Sensitive Skin

A miracle worker, this hyperpigmentation treatment and pigmentation treatment works its magic on your skin the moment you begin your treatment for sensitive skin. It works on the outer layers of your skin removing dead skin and patchy pigmentation leaving you with a radiant glow.



Helps remove dead skin cells and inactive proteins, thus rejuvenating your skin.


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