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Sensitive Skin Care Products

Sensitive skin is usually more permeable than normal skin. This is because with sensitive skin types their body loses the natural moisture faster than normal skin type exposing it to more skin irritation and discomfort.

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Sensitive skin

SensiMoist Moisturizer-For Sensitive Skin

A moisturizer specially for sensitive skin, it is formulated to modify the physical and chemical properties…


Sensitive skin

SensiWash-Face Wash For Sensitive Skin

A soothing, foaming face wash for an oily and sensitive skin. It soothes irritations, restores epidermal…

As custodians of clinically proven cosmeceuticals, we produce products for sensitive skin. This product range is highly recommended for skin type that’s prone to allergic reactions and that which easily loses its natural moisture.

The moisturizer and facewash for sensitive skin is created to avoid allergic reactions, retain water and create an exogenous barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss.

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