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Innovative Treatment

Innovative Treatment

Our innovative treatments are launched after thorough scientific research to give instant results.
All our treatments have been approved by one of the best skin specialists.

15 minutes of services tailored for individual skin type

Fast acting treatment designed for quick results

Scientific formulations that are dermatologically tested

Insta Wow Treatment


Want instant glow for a party you have to attend in a few hours? Want visible fairness and radiance for an occasion in the office or with family and friends? Say goodbye to your worries of not looking your best instantly! Cheryl’s Instawow treatment is here to glam you up for any affair you may have.

Our Instawow treatments are one of a kind. Not only are they scientifically proven formulations of instant results, they are also researched methods of giving your face visible and desired effect. All our Instawow treatments work on the epidermis to remove impurities and reveal a fresh layer of skin by way of hand motions making the blood flow in circular motions releasing enzymes that are beneficial for the skin to rejuvenate.

Our 15-minute Instawow treatments that breaks barriers of skin correction giving you the results you have envisioned for your facial skin.


Technical + Retail


Delivered in 15 minutes


Accessible price point


Affordable cost for the Salon


Delivered on chair

Services Offered Services Offered

Services Offered

Skincare rituals performed by trained and skilled professionals to ensure healthy glowing skin. Each
Cheryl’s salon service is crafted keeping in mind your skin concerns, curated to your needs, using
deeply researched cosmeceuticals.

01 Insta Bright

Get that radiant glow

An instant solution for radiant and hydrated skin

02 Insta soothe

Soothe that sensitivity

Instantly calms and soothes sensitive skin while lightening it at the same time

03 Insta Clear

Say no to oily skin

A mini service that controls excess oil and sebum in minutes

Give your skin an instant makeover with the treatment of your choice at our select Cheryl’s serviced stores across the country. Check the salon locator to see where the treatment of your choice is available at a salon near you.

Alternative Therapy


Oxyderm Gold Anti-ageing Bleach

A unique bleach treatment with gold collagen in peptides that helps in skin lightening. It moisturizes, soothes and improves skin tone and firmness.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: Heals skin burns, minimizes acne blemishes removes greasiness from skin