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Hydration Treatment for Dry Skin

This can be caused by lots of factors such as makeup, diet, incorrect product use, weather; it goes on… But here's where it gets tricky: When skin is dehydrated, it secretes more oil to make up for the missing water. This can cause breakouts, irritation and dry patches. The skin can even feel oily and dry at the same time.We have the solution for dehydrated skin treatment.
The skin hydration treatment gives the much needed moisture to the skin so that it can breathe. It blocks the secretion of excess oil to prevent the skin from drying and as a result gives you fresh looking hydrated skin.

Cheryl’s Approach

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The Causes


Intrinsic ageing

Intrinsic Ageing: Intrinsic ageing is the normal process of physical change over time that’s more about genetics than lifestyle. Sebaceous gland activity tends to decrease with age and the skin’s natural hydration process declines over the years.


Environmental Elements

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes water to evaporate from the skin which is why sunburned skin requires more moisture than unexposed areas. Cold winds, air conditioning units, forced air heating and low temperatures can also dry out skin and contribute to premature ageing.

Skin scan -An advanced way to treat your skin

Skin Scan

Services Offered


Hydramoist Facial-for Dry Skin

This unique treatment for dull and dry skin restores the lost moisture in your epidermis resulting in soft and supple skin. The dry skin treatment controls trans-epidermal moisture loss, while at the same time imparting a considerable lightening effect with enhanced radiance and glow.


Kokum Butter

Prevents drying of the skin and regenerates dead skin cells


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