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Heel Peel Pedicure - Treatment that repairs cracked heels instantly

Treatment that repairs cracked heels instantly

Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment is a groundbreaking and hygienic foot care solution that works wonders in just 20 minutes. This innovative treatment effectively removes dead skin, eliminating calloused skin and addressing cracked heels. Heel Peel is thoughtfully crafted as a remedy for cracked heels, offering you the perfect solution to achieve smoother and healthier feet. Say goodbye to foot concerns with Cheryl's Heel Peel kit, the ultimate foot care remedy.

The Process

Duration: 20


Step 1

Exfoliation: Begin with this Heel Peel Cream, which efficiently scrapes off the dead skin from your feet.

Step 2

Repair: Cheryl's Heel Peel kit is your solution for repairing calluses, providing effective relief.

Step 3

Treatment: This treatment is specifically designed to heal cracks on your feet, addressing your foot care concerns.

Step 4

Result: Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment remarkably softenes skin on the heels

Step 5

Effect: Experience the wonderful effect of Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment, as it gives you supple and pampered feet.

Step 6

Advantage: The Heel Peel Pedicure Kit is a completely painless treatment, offering you an advantage in foot care that you'll appreciate.

Step 7

Method: It's an easy-to-use process. Simply apply the Heel Peel Cream and leave it on for 20 minutes to achieve the feet you desire.

Step 8

Relief: Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment is not just effective but also safe. It comes with the assurance of no
side-effects, providing you with much-needed relief for your foot care concerns.

What’s In It

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Kokum Butter

It penetrates deep into the skin to soften and nourish.

Yeast extract

It enhances collagen synthesis that helps heal cracks


Absorbs and holds large amounts of moisture and provides intense hydration to the feet

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should not opt for Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment?

    Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment is not suitable for the following individuals: • Diabetic patients • Those with skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema • Individuals with severe deep cuts where the dermis layer is visible • Those with foot injuries such as shoe bites and foot corns.

  2. How quickly will I see results with Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment?

    Our Heel Peel treatment, offers visible results in just 20 minutes, ensuring swift relief for your feet.

  3. Are there any side-effects to Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment?

    Rest assured, Heel Peel pedicure comes with no side-effects, unless you fall into one of the categories mentioned above who should avoid using this treatment.

  4. Will cracked heels plague me after I stop using Cheryl's Heel Peel?

    No, they won't, as long as you continue to care for your feet diligently. However, if you become careless about your foot care, you may need to repeat the treatment with Cheryl's Heel Peel kit to maintain the desired results.

  5. Where can I get Cheryl's Heel Peel treatment?

    Locate the nearest Cheryl’s serviced salon to experience the transformative Heel Peel pedicure kit and give your feet the pampering they deserve.