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Oily Skin Care Products

Oily skin is caused due to excessive skin lubricant production in the skin called sebum. When there is more than required sebum present in your skin glands you suffer from oily skin acne, blemishes and shininess.

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Oily Skin

Clari Wash Face Wash For Oily Skin

Specially formulated face wash for oily skin that regulates sebum and deeply exfoliates to unclog pores.…


Clarifying Acne spray

Clarifying Acne Spray Toner-For Acne Prone Skin

A moisturizing, refreshing toner is to be used after cleansing. This water-soluble skin freshener has…


Acne marks and spots

Clarifi Acne Anti-Blemish Serum

Best suited for acne treatment, Cheryl’s Clarifi AcneAnti-Blemish Serum is a unique formulation that…


Oily skin

Clari Moist-Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Cheryl’s Clari Moist is a unique sebum-regulating low-lipid face moisturizer for oily skin and moisturizer…



Derma Cleanse-Anti Acne Face Wash

A face wash that regulates sebum and blackheads, restoring balance to acne prone skin. An anti-bacterial…


Oily skin and acne

Clenzima-Facewash For Oily Skin And Acne

Clenzima facial cleanser is a creamy face wash that deeply cleans and purifies oily, dehydrated skin…


Dead skin and clogged pores

Clari-Fi Buffing Grains-Face Scrub

A deeply exfoliating scrub, it cleans dirt from within preventing the appearance of enlarged pores.…

Oily skin is more likely to be a bane since people with oily skin have a hard time keeping their face fresh. The sebum that their skin glands produce makes the skin extremely shiny. The oily skin type experiences acne breakouts frequently and they have a hard time curing those blemishes off their skin. It’s extremely essential that people with this skin type use oily skin products which regulates and balances the sebum production in their skin.

Our range of clari-Fi-Buffing Grains is formulated for this skin type. Our products in this category have moisturizer for oily skin, face wash for oily skin to a toner for oily skin that works directly on the skin glands that produce excessive sebum and control it by regulating and balancing its production in the oily skin.

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