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ClariNzyme Oily Skin Treatment

A revolutionary treatment to control oily skin and substantially reduce open pores

A revolutionary oily skin treatment to control and reduce oil secretion and substantially reduce open pores common with oily skin. It prevents the skin from getting greasy giving you a matte look. You don’t need to follow any kind of oily skincare tips if you opt for this oily skin treatment.

The Process

Duration: 20


Step 1

Cleansing- Apply to neck and face and massage with circular anti-clockwise movements for 3 minutes. After cleansing, wipe your face clean with moist cotton

Step 2

Exfoliation- Apply on neck and face and massage for 3 minutes with steam and for another 3 minutes without steam. Then wipe your face clean with moist cotton

Step 3

Toning- Apply on moist cotton pad and tone face and neck with gentle tapping movements. Blot with a tissue and do not rinse off

Step 4

Enzyme Treatment- Pour Cheryl's ClariNzyme Exfoliator A and ClariNzyme Activator B into a glass bowl, and mix well to form a smooth paste. Apply it to the neck and face with Cheryl’s treatment brush. Cover your face and neck with a cling wrap. (Give a cut at the nose to give room to breathe.) Steam face for 15 minutes. Remove cling wrap and wipe face clean

Step 5

Massage- Apply on neck and face and massage for 10 minutes using Cheryl’s signature massage technique. Moisten hands with water for smooth massage movements. Wipe face clean with moist cotton

Step 6

Mask- Empty in a glass bowl and apply evenly on face and neck with Cheryl’s mask brush. Leave on for 15 minutes and wipe clean with moist cotton

Step 7

Sun Protection- Apply on face and neck with gentle patting movements

What’s In It

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Lemon Extract

Lemon Extract clears excessive sebum

Allantoin exfoliates

Allantoin exfoliates dead skin cells

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this treatment suitable for sensitive skin that’s oily?

    No. This treatment is not meant for sensitive skin.

  2. Will this treatment dry out my skin for good?

    No. It will release the right amount of sebum but won’t make your face greasy.

  3. How fast can I see visible results?

    Almost instantly. At the end of the treatment, your skin will give out a fresh matte appearance.

  4. Are there any side-effects to the treatment?

    There are no side-effects to this treatment. Yes, this treatment is suitable for all skin types.

  5. Where can I get the treatment?

    Find the nearest Cheryl’s serviced salon here.