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Do you want to be protected from the ever harmful rays of the sun that can even cause many signs of premature ageing and even cancer? Use a sunblock that shields you from the dangerous rays before its too late.

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Skin Tan

DermaShade SPF 30 Spray

An advanced lightweight sunblock spray to save you from the many 100 harmful effects of the sun, Derma…


Skin Tan

DermaShade SPF 50

Enriched with tomato fruit and pomegranate extracts, this sun protection cream gives you instant protection…

The ever-depleting ozone layer has all of us in a very vulnerable state the moment we step out in the sun. It affects us in a number of ways leaving us exposed to many detrimental health hazards like premature signs of ageing, sunburns, tanning and even cancer!
A sunscreen cream that protects us from these conditions by adding a shield like a layer on our skin when we apply an effective sunblock. Our range of sunblocks in SPF 30 and SPF 50 perform their duty well by protecting you from the damaging rays by guarding you against the harmful rays.

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