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Why dream it, when you can have it?

By Admin / 27th September, 2022


Every Indian unabashedly dreams of a fairer complexion. Most Indians genetically have dusky skin and they crave for a fairer complexion. For years, the traditional “nuskas” have not been able to achieve the goal. How many times do you see these models and actors who are so fair and you can only wish that you could be just as fair as them?

A new revolutionary fairness treatment to lighten skin complexion is here! Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals – A brand with a history of 30 years as skin experts. They have taken skincare to people from all strata of society. Cheryl’s products help in skin lightening through a number of their treatments.

The fairness treatment guarantees visibly fairer complexion. Brewed with some of the best lightening and soothing agents, you can be rest assured that you will see a significant difference in your skin colour.

The one product to start off the fairness treatment with Cheryl’s is their DermaLite treatment. This treatment is for visible skin lightening. It gives your skin a youthful glow and makes it appear fresh and radiant.

The treatment works by reducing the melanin production in the skin and that’s how the facial skin becomes lighter in appearance.

The DermaLite fairness professional treatment proceeds with the following steps:

Cleansing: Exfoliates and hydrates skin. Inhibits melanin production and soothes skin

Deep cleansing: Lightens dark skin, improves skin texture and gives a fairer complexion. Protects and moisturizes skin

Toning: Constricts pores. Cools, soothes and hydrates skin

Peeling: Helps in skin desquamation and exfoliation. Improves skin’s elasticity and revives skin’s healthy tone and texture

Neutralising: Neutralizes the peel and moisturizes skin

Massage: Maintains condition of skin and moisturizes skin

Concentrate: Helps in skin brightening and soothes skin. Works as anti-inflammatory and humectant

Mask: Lightens skin and inhibits melanin synthesis. Provides hydration to skin.

Cheryl’s skin experts at select salons across the country give you tips on how to maintain your skin after the treatment. The skin care professionals recommend their homecare products to follow after the therapy. To make the most of the DermaLite treatment, we at Cheryl’s give you an instructions DVD that will help you in understanding the steps necessary to carry out the treatment effectively.

The DermaLite treatment comes with fairness homecare products like the popular DermaBright face wash that removes impurities from the epidermal layers of the skin and reveals fairer skin.

The active ingredients present in the homecare products like Chamomile, Liquorice, Vitamin B3 help in skin lightening. Lactic acid from milk and yogurt promotes epidermal exfoliation to reveal fairer skin. The Homecare products come with a cleanser, lotion, toner and a sunblock.

So now you know your dream of becoming fair isn’t too far after all. Just make an appointment with a skin expert at Cheryl’s salon and be on your way to become fair like you always wished to be!


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