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Sun Protection

We are exposed to the sun daily which causes its harmful UV rays to cause our skin to damage. Our skin starts ageing prematurely, we get wrinkles, experience skin darkening, our skin texture becomes weak and then due to overexposure, there’s always the fear of Melanoma. It’s very important to use a good sunscreen to protect us from these conditions.

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Skin Tan

DermaShade SPF 30 Spray

An advanced lightweight sunblock spray to save you from the many 100 harmful effects of the sun, Derma…


Skin Tan

DermaShade SPF 50

Enriched with tomato fruit and pomegranate extracts, this sun protection cream gives you instant protection…

Our expert-led solution for Sun protection gives you absolute protection from the sun. The unique formulation used to make the DermaShade spray and DermaShade lotion prevents the sun rays from penetrating into your skin. This sun protection cream acts like a shield on our skin so that you don’t have to experience fine lines, wrinkles, premature ageing, dullness and melanoma.

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