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Our scientifically researched cosmeceuticals are created keeping the Indian skin type in mind. They are formulated specially to lighten your skin tone.

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Dermalite Fairness Lotion

A clinically proven gentle and effective fairness face wash that cleanses and lightens skin. DermaLite…


Darkened skin

DermaLite Facewash

A potent and unique formulation that brightens and whitens skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis…

Now you can achieve naturally fairer looking skin by using our clinically proven fairness facewash and fairness moisturizer that’s proven to lighten the Indian skin tone.

The DermaLite fairness range reduces and balances the melanin production in your skin to prevent its darkening. With the DermaLite range, you can be rest assured that you will experience a lighter skin tone.

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