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Kickstart your skincare regime with cleansing your face every day with a facial pore cleanser in the mornings and evenings to remove impurities to prevent acne breakouts, dead skin cells and clogged pores.

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Sensitive skin


A soothing, foaming face wash for an oily and sensitive skin. It soothes irritations, restores epidermal…


Oily Skin

Clari wash

Specially formulated face wash for oily skin that regulates sebum and deeply exfoliates to unclog pores.…


Dead skin and clogged pores

Clari-Fi Buffing Grains

A deeply exfoliating scrub, it cleans dirt from within preventing the appearance of enlarged pores.…


Oily skin and acne


Clenzima facial cleanser is a creamy face wash that deeply cleans and purifies oily, dehydrated skin…



Derma Cleanse

A face wash that regulates sebum and blackheads, restoring balance to acne prone skin. An anti-bacterial…


Darkened skin

DermaLite Facewash

A potent and unique formulation that brightens and whitens skin by penetrating deep into the epidermis…

Cleansers are the first thing you should use on your face after waking up. They are very important to your skincare regime. Massage your face with it for at least three to four minutes in clockwise and anti-clockwise motion to allow it to reach the deep layers of your skin to remove the pollutants that settle there.
Cleansers work to remove dead skin layers and accelerate the process of new skin cell formation giving you a fresh face every day. Regular use of cleansers delays the ageing process. This range of cleansers also work as facewash for lightened skin

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