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You don’t have to worry about acne anymore

By Admin / 19th March, 2021


How many times did you have to cancel plans with your family and friends because you got nasty acne flare up a few days before you had to step out? Acne is not good news. It is depressing to have acne and the feeling that you can’t do anything about it adds to your misery. 

Acne can be caused due to a number of reasons. The top five reasons for acne are: 

    • excess production of oil (sebum)
    • bacteria
    • hormones
    • dead skin cells
    • ingrown hairs

It’s very important to take care of your skin to avoid these five painful reasons for acne. Personal hygiene plays a pre-dominant role in preventing acne. If you don’t cleanse your face everyday then your skin will become coarse and dead skin cells will multiply on your face and it will be a cake walk for bacteria to settle on your face and give you all forms of acne.

Another major cause of environmental acne is sebum acne. That is acne caused by excessive production of sebum in the skin that makes the skin oily which inturn forms acne on the face. Excessive sebum can be natural in some cases but otherwise it’s the diet, lifestyle and surrounding that causes high sebum in people. 

But you know what? You don’t have to be cornered by ugly acne anymore! Cheryl’s cosmeceuticals is here to your rescue. It will put all your acne worries at bay with their revolutionary products and services. 

Cheryl’s is a homegrown Indian Cosmeceuticals brand which combines cosmetology with pharmaceuticals, after years of research and interaction with skin technicians.

Their products and services are cetegorized by homecare products and salon services. Their homecare products can be used everyday by you to prevent acne. You can start with powerful cleansers like Clari wash, Clari-Fi Buffing Grains, Clenzima and Derma cleanse. As mentioned earlier, a deep cleansing cleanser is very important to remove impurities from the facial skin. These cleansers aid you to prevent acne. You can use ClariMoist as a moisturizer, after cleansing your face, so it leaves your skin soft and supple. 

Their salon services has a special treatment to cure acne and its called Sensi Acne. This treatment if done as recommended by the skin care expert at select Cheryl’s salons, you will see a significant difference on your face. 

Cheryl’s is a 30 year old brand in the skincare industry. It was recently taken over by L’oreal and promises nothing less than visible results.

All our products are tested and certified by leading dermatologists and we assure you that they are best suited for your skin type after a careful analysis by our skincare experts at our salons.

If you have acne concerns then you’d rather treat them at Cheryl’s than feel helpless. Their path breaking techniques, products and services are meant to give you value for your money. 


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